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Hanging Type Monthly Calendar

These Calendars are generally the pictorial type favoured for domestic use rather than industry. To produce a complete year calendar, you will need to print out 12 pages plus any covers, but before doing so, consider how you are going to combine the pages into a finished article.

Commercial versions are often bound with wire or plastic at the top, but this requires the purchase of special equipment and is quite expensive when only small quantities are to be produced. If you want to go along that route, then email us and we will advise you on the U.K. available equipment you need to consider.

Other manufacturers use a folded design and staple at the centre, punching a single hole at the opposite end to the staples at top and bottom. This format is easier for home users provided they already own a decent "Long Arm" type stapler capable of stapling through up to 14 sheets of thick card or photographic paper.